StrongDNA : Valuable research, mission & values.

Born out of a quest for optimum health and wellness, StrongDNA strives to provide a valuable tool to help individuals custom tailor their lifestyle according to their individual genetic make-up. Take the guesswork out of the equation by knowing how your genetic predisposition affects the way you live.

Live Healthier

Our goal is to help people live healthier, happier lives by reaching their full potential and work smarter not harder by providing a customized solution. We strive to give you valuable insight into how your body responds to losing weight, nutrition, exercise and longevity according to your unique DNA. Reshape your physique and change your body composition with ElevateRX and get leaner with FitRX. Extend your life and live healthier with ExtendRX. "Balance" your body by understanding how your genes respond to sleep, pain, inflammation, stress & CBD metabolism. Make sure you are getting optimal nutrient absorption with our NourishRX panel. This knowledge will allow you to optimize your health in ways you never could have before. Some people learn what their body needs by trial and error but now we have a better way.

Why test with us?

StrongDNA isn’t just a fitness fad type of genetic testing, it’s the “future” of fitness! Having a road map of how your body responds to various environmental things according to your unique DNA is key in making change. Genetic testing is something that’s not going away. Be a part of something much larger and learn about all our new discoveries as the research continues to grow. Your customized genetic test comes complete with:

  • A personalized health management system with comprehensive guide to your genotype
  • Fit DNA resources portal customized to your specific DNA
  • Individualized exercise and training plan
  • Individualized meal plan and recipes
  • A single test, a lifetime of change.

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