Get the best out of your own unique genetic
makeup by knowing what you body needs.

Get the best out of your own unique genetic
makeup by knowing what you body needs.

Get the best out of your own unique genetic
makeup by knowing what you body needs.


Genetic testing for optimum health

Genetic testing is a hot topic and is the future of preventive health. The research behind genetic testing related to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle is focused on understanding how specific genes dictate how your body processes micronutrients such as protein, fats and carbohydrates and how specific genes limit or enhance fitness and the way you age.

To help people understand how their DNA affects their response to nutrition and exercise is paramount for optimum health. A variant in your genes called a SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) can affect the way your body utilizes, absorbs & metabolizes nutrients. SNP’s can also affect the way you lose weight, how your body responds to exercise and how you age. By understanding how these SNP’s affect us, we can create actionable nutritional and lifestyle strategies specific to a person’s genotype based on scientific evidence.

The fascinating field of Nutrigenomics brings a clarity we have never had before with greater insight into how your body responds to foods based on their genetic predisposition. Obesity is one of the most widely studied topics in nutritional genomics. Due to genetic variations among individuals, each person responds to diet differently.

Our Focus is to provide insight into the following based on genetic predisposition:

  • The interaction between genetic variations (SNP's) and the various traits they are linked to
  • An understanding of how nutrients may or may not be absorbed
  • The correct breakdown of macronutrients for an individual
  • Understanding how each individual responds to different types of exercise
  • Recommendations for changes that could prevent or reduce obesity
  • How an individual responds to the aging process and recommendations for lifestyle modifications that can help

A number of genetic variations have been shown to increase the predisposition to diet-related diseases. These include variants that have been associated with:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Some autoimmune diseases and cancers

Your results are based on the most up to date genetic research on nutrition and exercise. Our lab will evaluate the potential impact of your genotype for each gene tested with a strict criteria using the largest and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies available. Please note that just because your report reflects a genetic variation linked to a particular trait does not necessarily mean you will express that trait. This testing is meant as an educational tool which suggests that there is a greater chance that you will express a trait, but behavioral, environmental and other factors can also play a role in whether you will actually exhibit the trait.

Here is a sample of the studies used to develop our testing: View Studies

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