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If you have already purchased a DNA test through 23&Me, Ancestry or My Heritage, you have the added advantage of receiving a large discount on your StrongDNA ® test and you will not need to submit another specimen.

During registration you will have the opportunity to upload your 23&Me Health, My Heritage & Ancestry or AncestryDNA raw genetic data. We will generate your customized report from your existing data along with lifestyle modification recommendations provided via your personalized customer portal with health content designed specifically for your unique genotype. Since we don’t need to obtain another DNA specimen from you, the turnaround time will be a few days rather than 2-3 weeks.

Please note you must have purchased the full Health + Ancestry genetics panel from 23andme for us to have the complete panel to generate a report from.

Available Tests

BalanceRX, FitRX, ElevateRX, NourishRX, ExtendRX, UltimateRX

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